Top 5 Art Exhibitions to See in 2019

As 2019 approaches, artists and audience around the world gather to witness works of art that range from drawings, paintings, pictures to sculptures performance and interactive art. These momentous moments can be tough to miss for audiences and artist that are well versed in the industry, but sometimes a good reminder in the form of a list can make a big difference

Here are some of the top 5 exhibitions to see in 2019:

1.    ‘Van Gogh and Britain’

The long-awaited Van Gogh and Britain have finally arrived with the Dutch painter presenting his artworks that will be alongside those by British artist that owe a debt to Vincent van Gogh. The exhibition will bring over 50 works together by the famous Vincent van Gogh that will reveal his inspiration and how he, in turn, inspired British artists.

2.    Bill Viola and Michelangelo at the RA

Two artists; Michelangelo and Bill Viola that explore the same universal themes with works of raw emotional power and transcendent beauty will be held at the Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibition will combine the powerful installations of Bill Viola’s and the rarely seen drawings by Michelangelo.

3.    Tintoretto: Artist of Renaissance Venice at the National Gallery of Art

Despite been born 500 years ago, Jacopo Tintoretto will have its debut on US soil at the National Gallery with close to 50 painting and more than a dozen drawings that will be on view.

4.    Garry Winogrand: Color at the Brooklyn Museum

If you are looking for black and white snapshots of midcentury New York, then the Brooklyn Museum holds the first exhibition that is dedicated to the almost forgotten color photographs of the famous Garry Winogrand known for his black and white images.

5.    “Manet and Modern Beauty” at the Art Institute of Chicago

Done by Edouard Manet, his art has a radical new alignment of modern art with fashionable femininity with portraits of women like Jeanne Demarsy and Mary Laurent. His later works also include small but lively watercolors, largescale multifigure paintings like in the Conservatory and Boating.

In conclusion, 2019 has a promising number of art exhibitions all over the world where great artists of renown talent get to showcase their love for art. Having a list of the best art exhibitions to attend also doesn’t hurt – read article on how to make exhibition.

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